EDB10566 (TM262879)

Pertaining to Coem. s.Agnetis (via Nomentana), mausoleo, pavimento
Titulus sepulchralis insculptus
Tabula marmorea 75 x 90 x 4. Letters 2,5-4
Last recorded in Roma, Coem. s.Agnetis, basilica ad corpus, scalone
Date: 443-480
Edition(s): ICVR VIII, 21048; CIL VI, 31983; ILCV, 105     Online: EDR093617
Other bibliography: CIL VI, 1724
〈:a〉 ------
[---]i maxi[---]
[---]mina mag̲n̲a̲e̲ [---]
[---]eret acta p̲u̲e̲r̲ [---]
[---]m 〚fic〛eretur [---]
[---]npenetraret a[---]
[---]uo lacrimosus [---]
[---] pectore que s[---]
[---]m flenda d[---]
fecisti patriam quo[---]
i〈n〉felix nimium sociatus ọ[---]
quam tibi nec fati s[---]

〈:b〉 Flavius Merobaudes orator [---]
minus duobus mensibus et diebus o[---]
hic requiescit mortuus est V k̅(a)l̅(endas) [---]

The two fragments are pertaining to the metrical elogium (text b, in smaller letters, is in prose) of the orator Flavius Merobaudes . In 435 he was honoured with a a bronze statue in the Ulpium forum in year 435, bearing a honorary inscription (CIL, VI 1724) . For a complete view about him, see PLRE II, 756-758 (also to explain the proposed possible datation of the elogium) (Felle) .
Anita Rocco, 11/11/2003
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